About Us

We like to build a resilient digital society. Not for fun or profit, just because we think it's the right thing to do.

Building a resilient digital society

FalconForce is about responsible business. We believe in making knowledge on digital security available to all and responsibly sharing back with the community.
Working together with our clients, instead of just for them with personal attention and bespoke treatment.

Trust and integrity is paramount in digital security services. The strong track-record of each individual Falcon supports that and all of us work towards positive change.


Accelerate safe interactions between humans and machines.

Our lives are connected digitally every moment of the day. Business is driven by digital transformations. Economies are transformed by digital innovations. Organizations face more risks by becoming active digitally. These risks need to be managed cost-effectively to make businesses successful.

FalconForce supports organizations, communities and individuals to make each day more secure than yesterday. With the empowering combination of intelligence, offensive and defensive services, resiliency is created by knowing how to deal with the risks of adversaries that use information technology as their weapon of choice.


Creating a digital society that is resilient from anyone who tries to undermine it.

We believe that everyone needs to play their part in creating a society where all people can participate in a secure way no matter where or when. Instead of spreading fear and uncertainty, we embrace digital opportunities to find new ways to bring people together, taking responsibility where needed.

To deliver on our vision FalconForce consists of highly seasoned professionals in their respective trades. Every Falcon lives and breathes digital security.