Blog post - Using Azure Pipelines to validate my Sysmon configuration

I’ve been maintaining my Sysmon repository for the past 2 years. Every time I made several additions I had to manually generate the attached merged configuration with the supplied script. Truth be told, I’m not the most structured person so in some cases I forgot to do this, leaving a gap that didn’t have to be there.

On top of that, despite the fact that I test most of the pushes I do, there is always a reason a typo can occur in one of the configuration files which breaks the configuration. Thanks to a pull request by Ján Trenčanský that utilised GitHub Actions and generated a downloadable config as an artefact. This sparked the idea to take this a step further by making sure Sysmon actually likes the new configuration as well. Getting this to run on GitHub seemed not the most straightforward task so I started looking for a more convenient solution. This blogpost details the solution I found the easiest to get running, the configuration and tips to make this work.”

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