3 Tips To Secure Your Company’s Digital Footprint With Limited Budget


3 Tips To Secure Your Company’s Digital Footprint With Limited Budget

This blog post shares useful tips for understanding your companies digital presence. Aimed at both leadership and operations roles - created by a cyber threat intelligence professional.

TLDR: Here’s 3 tips to set up digital infrastructure monitoring on a budget, allowing you to understand what information you disclose online.

At FalconForce we focus on the ‘purple’ approach; combining offensive & defensive services to give our clients the best of both worlds. For example in the context of TIBER. As part of that, I frequently assess an organization’s digital footprint. We call this performing open-source intelligence, in short OSINT. OSINT refers to the collection of information from public sources to use it in the context of intelligence.

Over the years a couple tools stood out when assessing the ‘digital footprint’ of a company. They provide excellent value for money for and you can configure them to continuously defend your organization.

In the next 5 minutes I will share 3 tips to configure a basic setup to use these tools for gaining insights into your company’s digital footprint. Specifically considering two elements; 1) can you set it up with limited budget?, 2) can you set it up in 10 minutes?

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